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Don't worry, enjoy your Abaco's!

One of our goals is to provide you with quality products protected by our Lifetime Limited Warranty plus offer accidental damage protection to repair or replace your product when accidental damage or scratched lenses occur.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

For the lifetime of your Abaco Sunglasses and Blue Light Glasses unless otherwise noted, our Lifetime Limited Warranty covers manufacturers defects in materials, components and workmanship for full life that the original purchaser or gift recipient owns their Abacos.  Materials include frames, lenses, and lens coatings.  Components include hinges, screws and nose pads.  Workmanship includes assembly. *Shipping/Processing Fees apply.

Accidental Damage Protection

We know that occasionally life happens. No matter how careful you are with your favorite pair of sunnies, it is inevitable that you may scratch a lens or break a frame.  That is why we include accidental damage protection that covers accidental breakage as well as scratched lens replacementOne of the pillars of our service is replacing your sunglasses quickly and efficiently to get you back into your favorite pair of sunglasses without breaking the bank. This means, should your Abaco's get stepped on, sat on, run over by a car, chewed on by your dog, or some other fantastic story where you were enjoying your Abaco's and something happens, we will happily replace or repair your Abacos under our Accidental Damage Protection. Some limitations are included and listed below.
*Shipping/Processing Fees apply.

Abaco Prescription Sunglass Warranty

Abaco Polarized offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the frame only. Abaco Prescription lenses may be covered for up to one year for manufacturers defects on if purchased and installed by Abaco. Scratched lenses may be covered if anti-reflective/scratched coating is purchased with warranty is purchased. In the event that prescription lenses are installed by a company other than Abaco Polarized, Abaco will warranty the frame only. If the frame or color is no longer available at the time you submit your claim, you will have the option to select a different model and/or color, but Abaco can not guarantee that your prescription lenses will fit in the new frame. *Shipping/Processing Fees apply.

Limited Edition Sunglass Warranty

For our limited edition products, if your product can not be fixed or replaced due to the limited supply Abaco will provide a credit towards one new pair of equal or lessor value. The warranty covers any defects in materials, components, and workmanship.  Materials include frames, lenses, and lens coatings.  Components include hinges, screws, and nose pads.  Workmanship includes assembly.    *Shipping/Processing Fees apply.


In order to be eligible for the Lifetime Warranty you must purchase your Abaco's from an Abaco Polarized Authorized Dealer AND register your Abaco product with the code provided at the time of purchase within 30 days. If you were not provided a warranty code at the time of purchase Abaco may provide you with a code at our discretion as long as you can provide a proof of purchase. A photo of the product that clearly identifies the make, model, and defect is required. Abaco Polarized reserves the right to request additional photos of your product and/or request the product to be shipped to our corporate office at customers expense. 

Whats not covered?

  • Lost or stolen items
  • Normal wear and tear (minor scuffs to the frame)

How to Submit a Claim

All warranties are handled directly thru Abaco Polarized by submitting your warranty claim on our website. The warranty process is quick and easy to complete and *most claims can be handled online by uploading a photo to our website. In the event that the model and/or color of your sunglass is not available at the time you submit your claim you will have the option to choose another model or color of equal or lessor value as your replacement. Upon receiving your warranty replacement, the warranty will transfer to the new pair of sunglasses.  Warranty is valid in the Continental USA and US Territories. *Shipping/Processing Fees apply.


*Shipping/Processing Fees of $12.99 for warranties shipped within the USA. For International Shipments we will provide you a quote for the Shipping/Processing Fee based on your location. If you are local to Palm Beach and would like to stop by our corporate office for your warranty please notify us prior so that we can assist you on a one on one basis. Depending on your warranty claim a processing fee may apply. Duties and/or taxes may apply depending on the location we are shipping to.

Corporate Office:
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Phone: (561) 509-1400