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    See what our Abaco Sunglass Customers have to say about our sunglasses.

    Title Body Rating Auther
    Docksides fit me perfectly, great Docksides fit me perfectly, great customer service, highly recommend 5 Mark M.
    Love them! Loved the service, and the product! 5 Anonymous
    No better sunglasses for the money! Love these glasses. Purchased a second pair. Stylish and polarized. 5 Anonymous
    Great Glasses!! Nice lens and light!! 5 Anonymous
    Good quality for price Glasses are nice the arm a a little short for my big head so wearing for a length of time they pull against the bridge of my nose and hurt. Over all I like the quality 4 Anonymous
    Awsome It was awsome bought them down in Florida at the Daytona beach free ride. They came in handy that day and everyday after! Awsome fit and so comfortable to wear! 5 Anonymous
    Great price Great glasses I'm done buying expensive sun glasses after wearing these. The lenses are amazing. 5 Anonymous
    Abaco Cruiser glasses Great fit -Good vision -Light weight ! 5 Anonymous
    Wow!!!!! These sunglasses were great. As soon as I put them on I could feel my eye open for squinting. I just love these sunglasses!!! 5 Anonymous
    Poor as the scratched very easily Not happy with the purchase at boat show. Also image thru lenses seems blurry 1 Anonymous
    Love, Love, Love! Bought 3 pairs and love them all! Would and will highly recommend!! 5 Anna H.
    Excellent Great customer service 5 Anonymous
    What's Not To LOVE! These sunglasses are awesome! They are very cool but in a classy type of way, they fit comfortably and secure, they are affordably priced, they are polarized to protect my eyes and they are guaranteed for life. Seriously, Abaco Sunglasses are the best deal around for quality sunglasses! I will definitely be buying more. 5 Kathy E.
    Love Every Pair I recently purchased 5 different styles of Abacos sunglasses and I interchange what pair I wear every day. Each pair I own is light weight and stylish. Love that they are polarized when I am on the water, but also that they didn't cost a fortune to buy. You've created a great brand with a style of sunglasses for just about anyone. The Bella's have a fun and unique shape, as does the Piper. The Reese are some of my faves because they are a classic style that can be worn with just about anything. My hudson and Jesse styles are my more fashionable active glasses! Thanks for an awesome product!!!!!! 5 kaitlin W.
    Ok They are ok the only complaint I have is there is no arch to them they are just strait across and if light is shining from behind you will get an unberrable reflection on the inside of the lense others than that there ok I still went and got oakleys and they just don't compare I have yet to find a single pair sunglasses on par with Oakley 2 Anonymous
    Gorgeous aviators! Nice! Love my new shades. 5 Anonymous
    Very pleased Excellent quality glasses at an affordable price! 5 Rochelle
    My new sungalsses Awesome, polarized at a great value!! I would recommend the Abaco Brand to anyone who is on the beach or near the water! greatbrand 5 Mikey Y.
    Big fan of free sunglasses if you're feeling like a bro today Great. That's all I had to say but this submission requires 15 characters 5 Derek D.
    Nice Sunglasses!! Great value to wear it everyday. It‰Ûªs very light on my face so I feel good about it. 5 Anonymous
    the reason Abaco Sunglasss is 1 Jason Dee Baxley AKA FlyingMonkey 5 cole l.
    Great Lenses for a Great Price Enough said.. Great on the water!! 5 Anonymous
    First purchase I would say, in comparison with RayBan, they are much lighter on the nose, which is great. Look awesome, but the temple piece twisted easily within the first couple days, luckily I was able to twist it back at the hinge, but just seemed cheap at that point. I hope they last. 4 Anonymous
    Love Comfortable, stylish and good quality. 5 ROCHELLE W.
    Great so far Working great so far 5 Anonymous
    Fit well and were very Fit well and were very comfortable 5 Anonymous
    Best sunglasses purchase ever Not only are these the best sunglasses I've ever bought but the folks who helped me through the process were so nice and helpful. These are very fairly priced and the customer service is top notch. I even got an incredible warrantee. Will definitely be recommending these to friends. 5 Anonymous
    First pair of nice sunglasses and loving it Love how clearly I can see through them and how great they look on! 5 Anonymous
    In love with my Dakotas! I am near sighted so I usually don't buy sunglasses without my prescription in them but I fell in love with my Dakota sunglasses. They fit my head perfectly and my eyes don't water in the sun while wearing these sunglasses like they do with others. The sales person really sold me he wasn't too pushy but just right! Overall expirence 10 out of 10!!! 5 Anonymous
    Good service, excellent communication Good service, excellent communication 5 Anonymous
    Lightweight frames amp, great clarity Lightweight frames and great clarity in the lenses. Awesome price point for a quality product. 5 Austin C.
    Purchased my first two pairs Purchased my first two pairs last year. Absolutely love them and got another with an easy online site. Two day delivery was great. Love your product and would highly recommend 5 Richard D.
    Well I just started working Well I just started working for you guys and, everything I say about the product is true and I livid the product I am selling. 5 Anonymous
    Super Cute My glasses are super cute and comfortable 5 Anonymous
    Im a fan I'm definitely happy with my purchase and I definitely will also purchase more from you. I do ask if there are any all bamboo with all black lenses Would love another pair like that. 5 Anonymous
    Great company Great company, we are definitely customers for life. My wife bought a pair at a music festival and lost them that day. We shot an email and was surprised to be contacted by phone by the president of abaco. He offered us a discount on a replacement set. I too ordered a pair and am very impressed with the fit and finish. We will definitely be customers for life. Thank you abaco. 5 Dean L.
    Love our Abacos! Love the fit and style 5 Mike G.
    Great Pair of glasses This is my third purchase and absolutely love my Abaco's Received next day delivery. Have recommended your glasses to my friends. Great selection of styles, These glasses have replaced my Ray Bans as my primary sunglasses. 5 Richard D.
    Experience of them are good, Experience of them are good, except ah little pricey. To me...I think they could have done better on the cost of them!!! 4 Anonymous
    Love them!!!! I use them every day 5 Anonymous
    My new favorite sunnies!!! I originally bought these to wear at the beach and lake this summer but I love them so much I've been wearing them daily! They are light weight, fit well, and the style is great. I appreciate that the ocean mirror lenses aren't too obnoxiously blue and reflective. I can't wait to order more styles and colors in the future!!! I've had ray-bans in the past but I much prefer these. You can't beat the price! Customer serice is wonderful and item was shipped quickly. Thanks Abaco! 5 Annette B.
    Excellent product! Excellent product! 5 Anonymous
    Gift I purchased my Abaco sunglasses as a gift for my son. He is now enjoying them on his honeymoon over in Italy. He loves them, but not as much as his new bride of course. 5 Anonymous