Frequently asked questions

FAQ's about Abaco Polarized Sunglasses

Question: How does Abaco Polarized manufacture high quality polarized sunglasses at such low prices and back them with a lifetime warranty?

Answer: Unlike many other sunglass companies, Abaco does not have a large marketing budget or multiple layers of national, regional, and local sales managers to employ.  Abaco is a privately owned company that lives by the golden rule of providing our customers with good quality products, excellent customer service, backed by a Lifetime Warranty.  In short, we invest in products and customer service and let our customers do the marketing for us.

Question: Are all Abaco Sunglasses Polarized?

Answer: Currently all Abaco Sunglasses are polarized. In 2016 we manufactured a small run of non polarized sunglasses for kids, but after hearing the feedback from our customers that they would like their kids to have matching polarized sunglasses we upgraded the kids collection to all polarized lenses as well.  We are currently receiving special requests from our customers that they would also like a non polarized option for special uses such as flying airplanes, so we are considering manufacturing non polarized lenses for special uses such as these. If we do we will update this FAQ page.

Question: What are the benefits of Polarized Sunglasses?

Answer: Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses offer extra protection from glare by blocking horizontal light from bouncing off surfaces such as water, snow, cars, and the road.  By blocking glare it allows your eyes to relax, making them more comfortable by reducing the amount that you have to squint to block the glaring reflections.

Question: Do all Abaco Sunglasses block UV Rays?

Answer: All Abaco Sunglasses include UV400 lenses which means that they block 99.9% of UVA, UVB, and UVC Rays.

Question: Do bamboo sunglasses really float in the water?

Answer: In the Abaco lineup the only sunglass that currently floats is the Castaway. This is because the entire frame (Front + Temples) are made of bamboo, as opposed to sunglasses like the Cruiser, Taylor, and Pitbull Sunglasses which have bamboo temples with a traditional polycarbonate front.

Question: Does the Abaco Polarized Lifetime Warranty cover scratched lenses?

Answer: Abaco warranties our sunglasses against manufacturers defects as well as accidental breakage and scratched lenses (Shipping/Processing Fees may apply). *For more information please visit the Lifetime Warranty Page.

Question: How can I get a free Abaco Polarized Sticker?

Answer: We offer 3 ways to get your free Abaco Surf Sticker.
1. Follow us on Instagram and send us a DM requesting your free sticker (include your mailing address)
2. Like us on Facebook and send us a DM requesting your free sticker (include your mailing address)
3. Fill out our form requesting a free sticker here

Question: Where do they sell Abaco Polarized Sunglasses near me?

Answer: Please visit the Abaco Polarized Dealer Locator

Question: Where can I read real reviews about Abaco Sunglasses?

Answer: Please click Abaco Sunglass Reviews

Question: Do you offer group discounts on sunglasses for weddings?

Answer: We sure do! Please click Group Discounts

Question: What Abaco sunglasses best fit a small face?

Answer: The Kai, Montana, and Avery Sunglasses are a great fit for small faces.

Question: Can I buy Abaco Sunglasses wholesale to sell in my store?

Answer: You can apply for a wholesale account if you have a brick and mortar store.

Question: Does Abaco have a corporate gift program?

Answer: Yes, please fill out our corporate gift application here.

Question: Where can I buy sunglasses in Palm Beach?

Answer: You can also find a list of our Sunglass Stores

Question: Does Abaco offer discounts for the Military or First Responders?

Answer: Yes, Abaco offers Military Discounts as well as First Responder Discounts.