Our AquaFloat floating frame and lens technology is Abaco’s greatest pairing of style and function to date.  

With relentless dedication, our design team was able to formulate a new frame material that enables our sunglasses to float in the water without the assistance of bulky foam pads or delicate hollowed-out temples.  
Our ground-breaking frame technology is engineered to be less dense than water, resulting with a frame that will simply float in the ocean, lake, or pool, instead of being lost in the drink. 

Rest assured, no matter what sea-faring adventure floats your boat, no matter how much water is spraying your face, no matter how much salty, relentless air flows across your shades, our specifically engineered anti-seawater coating with help them stay sharp and and protected from the extreme conditions. 

Polarized. Crystal clear. Floating. Impact resistant. Shatter resistant. Scratch resistant.  Everything about these sunglasses screams function and durability, and like with all Abaco Sunglasses, you will never sacrifice style or comfort to find the perfect pair to fit your lifestyle.     

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