Do Bamboo Sunglasses Float?

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Do Bamboo Sunglasses Float in the water?

Whether or not they float will depend on how much of the frame is constructed of bamboo. For example, some of our sunglasses have bamboo temple arms, but the front of the frame is made of another material, such as polycarbonate; the wooden arms are exceptionally light, but the heavier frame front will weigh them down, so they will not stay afloat.

However, we also carry frames that are 100% bamboo, and they will stay afloat due the material being so lightweight. The Castaway is our most popular floating model. Because of their buoyancy, these sunnies are ideal for water sports, such as boating and fishing. All of our lenses are also polarized, which makes them an even better choice of eyewear for spending time on the water. The polarized lenses protect eyes from sun damage, and the bamboo frames are easy to retrieve if they fall into the water.

An added benefit is the unique look and feel of the genuine bamboo. It’s unlike any other frame finish, so people tend to notice it. If you are looking for a conversation starter, or you simply enjoy being the center of attention, then these shades are for you.

As if these attributes weren’t appealing enough, bamboo is an eco-friendly choice, so you can remain guilt-free with this environmentally responsible choice of eyewear. Production of some of the most common frame materials is quite toxic, with dire consequences for our planet, but that’s not the case with bamboo. It is a renewable material, and no harmful emissions are produced during the manufacturing process.

So, yes, bamboo is very lightweight, and it does float; however, if the sunglass frame is not made entirely of bamboo, it is not likely to float due to the added weight from the other materials. Floatable frames are, of course, perfect for trips to the beach or lake. Floating or not, these sunnies have an appealing look and feel, they are ultra lightweight and comfortable to wear, and they are constructed from a sustainable material.