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Meet Joe Semkow

Joe Semkow

Inspiring Stories:  A Man With a Vision

Meet Joe Semkow:
A true Florida native, Joe resides in the beautiful coastal town of Vero Beach. Joe is in our spotlight today because Joe’s desire to help and make a difference in other’s lives is apparent in everything he does. 

Most recently, Joe learned of the story about Noah, a 5 year old boy with cystic fibrosis. Noah was battling COVID-19 in a California hospital for months. In hopes of bringing joy to Noah, Joe sent one of his photographs to the hospital so he would have something to brighten up his room and offer a glimpse of the outdoors. Joe did not just stop there. When Noah was released from the hospital, Joe caught wind that he would need to be transported around with medical equipment and sprung into action to raise money for a heavy duty cart named the Wonderfold Wagon that would allow his parents to easily transport Noah. This was one of the many ways Joe inspires kindness and inspiration to others. 

Joe is currently a freelance photographer with a passion for mother nature and all its wonders. His photos have graced the covers of various publications and his work is utilized throughout commercial and product marketing all over the country.

Abaco Polarized would like to recognize Joe and his efforts to make the world a better place. We see you, Joe!


“No matter how dark it gets or how bad the storm, the sun will always shine after.” -Joe Semkow

Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix 2017

Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix 2017

Meet the Abaco Team at the Sarasota Power Boat Grand Prix Saturday July 1st - Sunday July 2nd. Our team will be on site at the event demonstrating Abaco Polarized Sunglasses and showing you in person how you do not have to spend $300 to get a great pair of high quality polarized sunglasses.

Today is National Sunglass Day!

Today is National Sunglass Day!

What is national sunglass day and who started it? National Sunglass day is a holiday put together by The Vision Council, a non-profit trade association for manufacturers of the optical goods in the United States. 

What does this mean for you? This means that today is the perfect day to sport your most unique pair of sunglasses and show the world that you protect those peepers while looking great at the same time.  Sunglasses are the only accessory that you have that make you look good, feel good, and protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.  So get out there and show off your favorite pair of Sunnies.Your eyes will thank you for it! 

Abaco Polarized Sunglasses opens in Palm Beach Outlet Mall

Abaco Polarized Sunglasses opens in Palm Beach Outlet Mall

Abaco Polarized opened their first kiosk in the Palm Beach Outlet Mall allowing our customers to come in and try on the 52 of our most popular sunglass models.  If you are located in Palm Beach County and you are looking for high quality polarized sunglasses, stop by our kiosk and meet our friendly staff.  We are located at the near the main Nike entrance in front of Converse.